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This site aims to help both botanists and non-botanists identify Mexican plants of disturbed places (i.e. weeds) and to find information about them. We hope it will eventually contain:


- good quality, vouchered photographs of the approximately 3000 weed species estimated for Mexico;

- descriptions, conventional and interactive keys, and other support for the identification of these plants;

- a summary of useful information on the species in a blog-like fact sheet, including a guide to reliable and relevant sites on the net;

- an opportunity for information exchange and collaboration between interested people, both scientists and laypersons.


The site is intended primarily for Spanish-speaking users. We hope to become bilingual in the future. If you wish to contribute with English translations of species factsheets, for example, we would be very grateful and will upload them onto the site. We also appreciate corrections, useful data and constructive suggestions.


At present the site contains photos and factsheets for over 700 species, mainly from the south-center of the country. New species will be added twice or three times a year. Feel free to link to the site. If you would like to be notified when there are new versions or modifications, please e-mail us. The images can be used for classroom and non-profit purposes, if the appropriate credits are given. For all other purposes, please ask for conditions of use.


Here you find the species list, arranged by botanical families (species with an * have only images and no factsheet yet).

Here you find the species list, arranged alphabetically by genus

Here you find help to identify plants with comparative and illustrated tables.


Here you find a photogallery.


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This is an academic project, not an official government website. The authors are responsible for the contents of the webpages.


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